Have a chance to train and learn from athletes who were successful at the highest level of their sports. We will provide an exclusive experience that will take you from the basic fundamentals to the most advanced training techniques. Let us share with you all of our experiences from the collegiate, olympic and professional levels. We guarantee that you will improve your skills.

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We are currently organizing small groups (6-10 players) to go through our Advantage training process. We will focus on all details and fundamentals that clubs many times do not have time to emphasize since they have to quickly prepare athletes for competition. If you are currently part of a club team or if you decided not to participate this year, you will have a great chance to develop your game in a professional system. Get ready to shine at your volleyball club season or high school team.

Train with Cilene Drewnick in an excellent and unique training designed especifically to help you improve your game. If you are serious about improving your volleyball skills, come an join us.



Please contact us for more information.